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Why Thai Massage?

“As a tennis player and a passionate architect, I would have very active days and late stressful nights completing project designs. I really needed a massage that would help me with all the benefits of stretching my muscles and relaxing my mind. Thankfully, during a recent vacation, I found out about Thai massage! This is not your average western massage that you may encounter at places where I used to go. Sure, they would help me feel relaxed during and shortly after the massage…but western style massage just didn’t provide the deep tissue pressure and stretching that Thai Massage offers! I simply did not know what I was missing out on!" said one of our customers.

Thai massage utilizes so many techniques I had never considered, beyond Hot stones, Hot oil, and Aromatic fragrances. Thai massage has been passed down traditionally through it’ culture for many generations.

So exactly, what is Thai Massage?

Massage is therapeutic for body and soul. When done effectively, massages can dissolve any tension in your body. Thai massage is an ancient healing art thought to have originated in India before spreading to Thailand. It involves the application of pressure on various and specific points of the body.

Benefits of Thai Massage.

Thai massage therapy increases energy flow in the body, boosts circulation, and improves flexibility and your range of motion. The invigorating treatment helps wash away anxiety and sluggishness and boosts your mood. It can also relieve back pain, osteoarthritis, and headaches as a supplemental therapy.

Additionally, Thai massage, thanks to its utilization of targeted stretching and use of appropriate pressure, can aid in the recovery and prevention of sport related injuries. This is so important for anyone who is playing sports to consider as a serious option for sports recovery! Even if you’re just in the office sitting at a computer all day, you’d be amazed at the tension you build in your neck back and shoulders! Thai massage will relieve all of that pain, stress, and tension if you allow it into your schedule frequently.

At Thanya Aroma, we do a combination of Western & Thai style body work. We start off stretching your whole body with our acupressure massage skills, and relax you with premium hot aroma oil massage, then finish up working on the back of your body with hot stones along your radiance. After that we roll you over and work on the front of your body using Thai stretching techniques. We literally do yoga for you and you'll feel really great!

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We have 2 locations, one in Catoosa and one in Owasso.

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Catoosa Location

We're right on highway 66 next to the RCB bank in Catoosa only 3 mins drive from Hard Rock Casino Tulsa. 2 mins from the Blue Whale Catoosa.

Thanya Aroma Thai Massage Catoosa

1755 N Highway 66 Suite B, Catoosa, OK 74015

Owasso Location

Looking for massage in Owasso OK? We're on N Garnett Rd between the 86th and the 96th street right by Ron's Hamburger in Owasso.

Owasso Foot Massage Center by Thanya Aroma

9100 N Garnett Rd, Suite J, Owasso OK 74055

Book you massage now click here . Or call 918-516-2833

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